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VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: Recruiter / Human Resource Manager
 Work your red carpet magic leading the AAP team in registrant/ student/staff recruiting, acquisition, and placement.
Networking through industry contacts, association memberships, trade groups, and social media researching. Recommending new sources for active and passive candidate recruiting and conducting regular follow-up with managers to determine the effectiveness of recruitment plans and implementation. Utilizing internet and social media resources to post positions and engage candidates and developing working relationships within colleges to aid in recruiting. Maintaining all pertinent applicant and interview data and assisting in performing reference and background checks for potential employees.
Job Requirements: Some recruiting experience preferred. People skills, multitasking abilities, exceptional verbal and written communication skills. Please send resume to: Subject line: AAP Human Resource application


VOLUNTEER OP: Get in during startup to be a main player in the rising success story of occupational film institute, AAP, from a local level to the global stage. Reach out, fund-raise, market and develop relationships with community members, businesses and organizations all while feeding your love of movies, arts and education! Flex position. Send CL/ Résume to Skills: Networking, recruiting, research, creativity, marketing, presentations, budgeting, and enthusiasm
JOB OP: Volunteer


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