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You "GOT DIS?" You "NEED DIS". It's 2016: you MUST have an END GAME for DISTRIBUTION. Sign up now and 'GET DIS'. Walk the red carpet with a hit... or hit the road, Jack!
“DISTRIBUTION OR BUST!” is a 2-day Intensive Workshop exploring modern film distribution platforms as a crucial strategy during the process of development, budget, production and exhibition.

SPECIAL OSCAR WEEKEND KICKOFF: AAP and CoHAB presents the first of its Golden Ticket Workshop Series "DISTRIBUTION or BUST!" BOOT CAMP 2016 featuring exclusive Special Guest Speakers from a variety of American film market cities who will share, instruct, drill, advise, lecture, question, debate, shout – whatever it takes – to help you connect the dots from your first script draft to drafting your signature on your first of many distribution check residuals and royalties! Special Guest Speakers include Benjamin Brant Bickham (White Rabbit, Don't Kill It, Girls Gone Bayou, Jeff Who Lives at Home), Phillip Jordan Brooks (Nobody But Her, Ruby & the Dragon, This is a Microphone), Jim Hayes (Austin Powers, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, Lost Highway, Mr. Brooks, Panic Room), Jeffrey Goodman (The Last Lullaby) and other pending possibles including Jack Sholder (Nightmare on Elm Street 2, The Hidden, Alone in the Dark) and Stephen H Porter (Salem, True Detective, I Saw the Light, Olympus Has Fallen, Texas Chainsaw 3D).

Immersive & Challenging Film Distribution Training for American Film Independents
Direct interaction with leading trailblazers.
Expert consulting mono e mono.
True Tales from the trenches.

Every one of us runs with the gem we know will be among the greatest movies of all time, win that Oscar or quoted by cool kids in subsequent generations. However, if you didn't prepare your sales compass to market and distribute your film properly for an END GAME of high gross box office ticket sales, then you got lost and lost out on getting gross. And what's worse (what could be worse than no grosses?) is that your Citizen Kane is sitting on a shelf and you have NO MONEY to make another film and no one will give you any. But.. there is a bright light ahead...

Making movies is glamorous, fun, full of life and light and the opiate of artists and dreamers; and we all are... but now its time to get serious, down and dirty and dive into BOOT CAMP. "DISTRIBUTION or BUST!" retains the lighter side of things but also the terribly tough. You must look at yourself and your film and your career in the mirror and under a microscope and then realize we are all here together behind and in front of the cameras to STRATEGIZE AND WIN IN 2016. You will walk (or skydive?) out of this Workshop with the “intel” you need to sell those box office tickets, get those clicks, downloads, views and sales. You and your newly bonded industry brothers and sisters can proudly wear the AAP/CoHab MISSION ACCOMPLISHED insignia as you walk the red carpet of victory.

A team is made up of many talents, skills and strengths. Whether you're a Scout or a Seal, your contribution is integral to the team. "DISTRIBUTION or BUST!" will integrate your invaluable talents into the infamous, inimitable and inclusive setting of Co-Hab resulting not only in inspiration but in-depth intimate knowledge. 

The courses on our mission base will take a variety of formats to keep even the most OCD prone Directors challenged: roundtable discussions, panel showcases, Q & A's, lectures, traditional instruction, front line tales, scene dissections, presentations and creative licensing. 

Participants will have the opportunity to plan for a feature that is as yet unreleased and our top brass experts will go over in detail with you all aspects of advisory and any fine tuning needed for a real world distribution strategy. Positioning ones film properly and cost-effectively to its target market is critical to mission success.

We will also cover the following areas using current industry examples by Speakers who have actually been in the trenches and worked them, which will allow you to apply these techniques to your own projects:

* Maximizing the online environment
* TAX Credits - latest news
* Approaching buyers
* Planning cost-effectively
* Using press and public relations
* Creating brochures, posters
* Matching distributors’ needs
* Successful film marketing
* Branding your films as a product
* Self distribution
* New platforms
* New sales agents and vendors
* Old school vs new school
* Virtual reality format
* NETFLIX new SVOD acquistion
* Distribution brokers
* iPhone features

All this and more with special screenings, excerpts, meals, snacks, Swag and a drink mixer to boot!

VIP: Same as standard plus 1on1 Counseling, Deluxe Swag, VIP Seating, "Oscar" trophy, cigar.
Standard: Reserved seat, Swag, Drink Mixer, Meals, Reserved dining table, shuttle service, door prize.
Early Bird: Same as standard

Lodging: AAP is arranging DISCOUNT RATES with local hotels such as The Hilton, Holiday Inn, etc. 
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Glen Martin Grefe, Executive Director gmgalumniartspresents@gmail 7075709672

Teresa Kirsten Katz, CFO/Program Coordinator tkkalumniartspresents@gmail 3185102221
April Ramsey, Senior Project Manager acralumniartspresents@gmail
Tiffany Hampton Project Manager/Liaison thalumniartspresents@gmail
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Alumni Arts Presents (AAP) "Level Up to Gold", an accelerated occupational and educational film institute, offers talented and committed hopefuls an opportunity to acquire a unique set of valuable skills in feature film production. Our mission and branding statement says it all: “Level Up to Gold”! AAP empowers the students to acquire their unique set of skills through “on the job” feature film production. Upon successful completion of the program, they are "leveled up" with industry feature film credit and AAP's Golden Guild membership, which includes actual royalties from the distribution and sales of it 'Golden Ticket' studio brand, plus labor referrals for future industry work. 

Cohab Contact Info:
Address: 500 Clyde Fant Pkwy #200, Shreveport, LA 71101 Cohab Phone:(318) 759-7997 
Mission: Cohab is a non-profit hub providing entrepreneurs at all levels the traction to achieve success. We believe the pathway to a stronger community begins with empowering our home grown talent and keeping them rooted in North Louisiana.

Press or Sponsor? Contact AAP Liaison/Project Manager Tiffany Hampton at or 770-688-5390


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