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Binge-Worthy Films, Series

AAP is developing and producing a line of binge-worthy original features and series for multiple markets & platforms i.e. streaming, theatrical, etc. To submit content, email for parameters.

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AAP’s Spring Internship Program was in full swing on the Northwest Louisiana-shot feature film Squatter, a trendy college hip-hop, wrestling horror party guest-starring hit artist Hurricane Chris. AAP Interns received hands-on career training and certificates - AAP is a Louisiana State LED approved Career Based Training Program fulling 2017 tax incentive requirements.



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THE STARE DOWN extended pilot episode is the first of a Web Series launched by AAP. With the championship at stake, a guide from his tragic past pitches Louis a key to unlocking his memories & madness. Like us on Facebook!

In Development


The Devil’s Brew

Horror romance with beer and spirits! A couple's love for microbrews brings on a battle for their souls between the Devil's brew and God's grog.


Mint Julep

Fantasy romance and existential comedy about a Louisiana riverboat poker game for a golden chip to Heaven and the famous players (some dead, some living) discovering their own unique “wild card power” , secrets and memories.


Equity Investment, Product Placement or Tax Deduction.
Contact: Glen Grefe:

Community Content

AAP’s: n-Kind Series donates production services such as promos, commercials & docs for organizations & businesses.

As part of its Community Partnership Initiative, AAP produces an in-kind promo donation for the Northwest Louisiana YWCA which was presented at their 2016 annual National Luncheon.

Per The Hub: Urban ministry We hope that you consider supporting The Hub Urban Ministries and AAP in the fight against human trafficking in our region. Check out this short documentary about the Purchased: not for sale program produced by our friends at AAP

Faith Based

AAP's Faith Based Binge feature & series department has been experiencing a surge of miracles lately. God's market may be ready for you if you wish to invest or donate.  Content providers submit a script or sizzle.


Stephanie Fruge

and/ or Glen Grefe
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