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Production companies shooting in Louisiana for tax credits are assisted by AAP (LED approved "Career Based Training Program") can help! 

"As a condition of receiving tax credits, state-certified film productions shall be required to participate in a career-based learning and training program approved by the office."

AAP Interns Tristan Bennett and Brandon Hilliard dive into battle on period piece sizzle reel shoot Tenet Noctis, acquiring and accelerating their education and occupational Golden Ticket career path in Louisiana's resurging film industry. "Make film history, make film future!"

AAP has been busy in Startup!  We've added new departments and staff, produced an in-kind donation in our community partnership initiative and already sent Interns out to work on in the occupational field on a real feature production, which is how AAP Applicants will LEVEL UP to gold when they take AAP's program.


AAP will be producing and partnering with Youtube for AAP's Original Series productions - more info coming soon


AAP welcomes new Board Members; Executive Administrative Assistant Kim Welch and April Chadwick Ramsey to lead AAP's expanding faith genre department as Director of Operations, Faith Based Films.

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Project and Partnerships

AAP registrants "level up" the hard way - the BEST way - true accelerated, occupational style on the full-length Shreveport, Louisiana shot feature The DEAD S.I.T.E.,
coming in 2017!
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As part of its Community Partnership Initiative, AAP produces an in-kind donation PSA for the Northwest Louisiana YWCA which was presented at their 2016 annual National Luncheon.  ​​

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As part of its Economic Development Initiative Program, AAP attends the LCIA Business Forum at the Robinson Film Center.

AAP attends LA NPDT ribbon cutting ceremony. We are currently exploring a partnership with this amazing Louisiana based entrepreneurial company. 

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